Build your website the way that’s working for successful companies.

With web design, you don’t need to hire someone to reinvent the wheel. Instead of spending time and money developing site features that may or may not pan out, why not try building your website in a way that’s been proven to work and is being used effectively by successful companies?


A Simple and Effective Strategy

Based on the Evolution and Necessities of Today’s Web Presence

We build modern, effective and responsive websites that fit your needs and the needs of your customers to help you convert visitors to paying customers. 

The sites aren’t just functional and reliable, they’re easy to use and attractive as well.

Don’t Waste another Minute on Amateurs

While there are scores of amateurs who like to talk big, there’s no replacement for professional web design and construction. When you need a reliable and professional website, amateurs are great at wasting of time, energy and money, often leaving you, their client, frustrated and no further ahead than you were before.

Feel like your current web designers and/or developers are giving you the runaround? Does it seem like they’re not helping you and your company turn your web presence into the profit-generating powerhouse it should be? Stop wasting your time on amateurs and contact our team of professionals today.

What’s the Mark of a Real Professional?

The answer may be simpler than you think. The mark of a professional is that they have a plan for success that makes sense, and that they can clearly and simply explain to you. Amateurs love to confuse their clients with jargon. We, on the other hand, are here specifically to help you.

Here is



Our process begins by consulting with you about your needs and analyzing your current website. Contact our team about your goals and what concerns you may have regarding your current site and we’ll provide you with an honest, expert opinion regarding your options. Oh, and we do all of this free of charge.

Design & Development

If you decide that you’d like to work with us, we’ll design and implement a solution that fits your specific needs, your budget. We do this with cutting-edge technology, software and expertise.

Ongoing Support

You don’t have to worry about being left high and dry. We offer support even after your site has been built and deployed. We have clients that have depended on us for over 16 years!! That should say it all! So if you find yourself in need of design advice, technical support or marketing expertise, we stand at the ready to support you and your business as a partner.

Do you DREAM of changing things on your site when you want to?

When you’re with us, you can change your site at any time.

We offer advice and will teach you how to make simple changes on your website simply and efficiently. If you need more complex work, we’re always ready to help you with coding and development work. No request is too large or too small; we are always here for you.  

Content is king, so take the reins and have a site that’s built to give you control over your business.

What our clients have to say!

Golden Eagle Camp

“When we purchased our resort (Golden Eagle Camp) a few years ago, our website was disorganized and confusing. We were nervous about hiring a new web designer, and not sure if the cost would be justified. Due North took all our worries away and designed us a site that is user-friendly and attractive. We receive many compliments from guests and the reservations come easily once they view our site. The internet is our main source of advertising, and Due North’s marketing efforts have worked great to keep the leads coming. We feel confident that we’re in good hands” – thanks T.J. & Monique!

Okimot Lodge 

We have been working with Due North Marketing for more than 10 years and are still experiencing excellent service from a highly motivated team. Thanks to their continued efforts we have increased exposure in many search engines and with it increased traffic on our website. For us Due North Marketing is the way to go!

Kesgami Wilderness Lodge

The Due North Marketing network of web sites have generated more sales leads for Kesagami Wilderness Lodge than all of our web marketing campaigns combined. We are very happy with the ease at with which we receive the leads and the contact information that is provided.

Ellen Island Camp

Ellen Island Camp has been working with T.J. at Due North Marketing since 1997. Our business has continued to grow and we credit a large part of it to our website that Due North has developed for us. Our guests and users comment on how easy it is to use. T.J. is always quick to make any changes we request of him and we have been extremely pleased with the results we have achieved through working with Due North.

Olive the Lake

I have been with Due North Marketing since the opening of my lodge in 2008, in all the advertising I have done to promote Olive the Lake, Due North Marketing had been the best Return on Investment hands down. I would recommend them to anyone starting or trying to grow their own businesses.

Shoal Lake Lodge

We have been doing business with Due North Marketing since we had our first lodge. Now we are well over 1000 miles away, running a new Lodge (Shoal Lake Lodge) but still use Due North Marketing. They have helped us since the start and will be with us in the future as they do the best job hosting and keeping our sites up and running and promoting them. Any time we need changes or help they are done fast and done well. Keep up the good work!

Martins Camp

For the past several years, Martin’s Camp has had the pleasure of working with Due North Marketing to promote tourism in Northern Ontario. We are very pleased with the dedicated service which includes updating our information quickly and efficiently along with continued new ideas and links to keep us “on the map”. We would highly recommend the “Quesnel’s” to manage your website to keep customers coming your way…let the experts handle your advertising and it is sure to pay off!! Thanks T.J. and Monique for taking such good care of us.

Lookout Point Camp

“It’s been an incredible pleasure working with TJ and his wife Monique for all these years. We advertise with Due North and any time a question pops up there is an IMMEDIATE response – amazingly, even on weekends. He’s inventive and always looking for new ways to help bring more traffic to our site and I truly believe our main attribute to our business is due, (no pun intended!), to Due North and TJ.” Year first hired: 1990 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value!

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